About the Authors

Jordan Pinckney

Jordan Pinckney has written two screenplays and is currently working on a zombie comic book series. He has had a passion for the sci-fi genre since watching his first sci-fi movie, Predator, as a child, and thrives on getting “lost in the story”. Jordan has the uncanny ability to find creative inspiration in the day-to-day experience and turn it into an enthralling story to share with the people around him. Outside of writing, Jordan enjoys competing in highland games, working with children in need, and geeking out to “nerd culture”. Jordan lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife, Aubree.


Will Lenzen Jr

Will Lenzen Jr has a deep passion for storytelling. For nearly 20 years he has studied the craft as a writer, actor, designer, and filmmaker. With a small library of screenplays, articles, and short stories, he is now excited to be bringing his vision for Destined to the world. When Will is not working on The Blood Games Trilogy, he is Creative Director at Cycle Studios, focusing on design, illustration, and direction.

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